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Oxtail Arancini

August 15, 2017
Oxtail Arancini

Oxtail Arancini

At Three Little Birds I enjoy taking traditional Jamaican recipes and thinking of new ways of presenting them to my customers. A couple weeks ago I was playing around with a concept for “Rice & Peas” and I had some leftover risotto, which brought me back to my first taste of suppli in Rome. Suppli and arancini are similar Italian risotto balls but the former are normally smaller and filled with cheese instead of meat ragu. Considering we currently have oxtail ragu on the menu I thought that using the oxtail (minus the tomato sauce) combined with the leftover risotto would make for a perfect bitesize tasty morsel and I wasn’t wrong.  Continue Reading…

Quick Recipes

Best 5 minute breakfast

August 8, 2017

5 minute Breakfast: Oats

Back in April I posted a picture of oats on Instagram with a caption about needing a quick breakfast to keep me happy & healthy and I felt like people really understood me. There are many mornings where I simply don’t eat breakfast because I wake up with a clear plan of how the day should go and I just want to get started, not fiddle with pots, pans and then the washing up that comes after. I’ve seen a lot of overnight oats on Pinterest and whilst the pictures look amazing, the texture of overnight oats is personally not for me. Thankfully fresh oats porridge, literally takes 5 minutes to cook once the water or milk has boiled.  Continue Reading…


Best Pain au Chocolat in London

July 26, 2017

Pain Au Chocolat

With approximately 300,000 French residents, London is France’s sixth biggest city so the question is where are they all getting their dose of French delicacies that keep them sane during spells of homesickness? I feel like bakeries are experiencing a resurgence with more and more artisanal producers of sweet and floury treats setting up shops, stalls and kiosks all over the city. There’s a seemingly never-ending hype around doughnuts and sourdough breads (can’t forget pizza); but are people still talking cupcakes? Unfortunately not everyone lives up to the hype – that’s for another post – one place that does live up to my hype every single time is Boulangerie Bon MatinContinue Reading…


Best in Brixton

July 19, 2017

Ginger Pimms

Last week Time Out Magazine published a list of their Best Caribbean Restaurants in London and I was particularly thrilled to see Three Little Birds sitting at the top but it made me think, which restaurant would I consider to be the Best in Brixton? Everyone always goes on about how great Brixton is for food with the market, the village and restaurants popping up on neighbouring streets all the time, but as someone who works and lives in Brixton, I don’t think you can never have enough restaurants to choose from and unfortunately with skyrocketing rents there is the danger that independents can’t afford to set up outside of Pop Brixton and the Village. At lunch time choices are slim in Brixton as many restaurants don’t see the need to open during the day for barely any trade. Thankfully Pop Brixton is open during the day and I was able to discover Smoke & Salt one afternoon.  Continue Reading…