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Quick Creamy Pasta

December 10, 2015

Quick Creamy PastaI’ve been absent for a little but you can blame my new venture, Three Little Birds, in Brixton for that. By day it’s a café and boutique, by night it’s a kitchen and rum bar; all inspired by Jamaica, so come say hi soon. I literally live there, morning, noon and night but recently I was asked to share a quick recipe for an interview so I had to make the time to cook and take pictures.  Continue Reading…


It’s A Pork Thing – Dalston Yard Street Feast Review

September 21, 2015

Street Feast: Dalston Yard

Before I get into the meat of the matter, it’s time for my disclaimer. Some of you may be able to relate to that moment when you are really looking forward to photographing something, you charge your battery early in the morning or maybe overnight, make sure the camera is packed and then you reach your destination, take out the big boy to capture the moment and you realised nothing is happening. At first you check to see if you have in fact turned it on properly and then you open the battery compartment only to find it empty. Your heart sinks, you must have left the fully charged battery on the coffee table at home, which is too far away to return to and your dreams of all the great pictures you were going to take slowly fade away. Well that was my exact experience on Saturday evening, and then a waft of something delicious swept my way, picked up my spirits and I took out my Samsung S6 determined not to miss out on the opportunity to document deliciousness at Street Feast: Dalston Yard. Continue Reading…

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Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge

September 17, 2015

Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge

Yesterday was the first day the knee high leather boots had to come out because not only was it chilly but the rain just seemed never ending. I guess that’s London for you, Summer is hit or in this year’s case a complete miss (minus the 5 days we all enjoyed), and the bleak weather can often leave me feeling homesick. When the temperatures drop and the clouds take over it is a clear indication that the season for comfort foods is fast approaching if not already here. Comfort foods are very personal. If we were all to make a list of our favourite ones the dishes would be very different but what we feel when we eat them would be very similar. In short the dishes that make us feel warm and cuddly inside, or brighten up a dreadful day, or transport us to our favourite places and make us relive our finest memories; those are comfort foods. I have many but one would have to be Cornmeal Porridge.  Continue Reading…