Welcome to the world through my tastebuds!

tyt about me picMy earliest memories of food are of my family around the dinner table at special occasions and it is from this foundation that forms my belief that food brings people together; good food enjoyed with great company (and some wine) makes everything better. 

I created The Yummy Truth because I wanted to share my recipes, photography and culinary travels with you. My recipes are original, unless otherwise stated, and are often inspired by flavour combinations I have seen, interesting menus that I have read, things I’ve eaten and places I’ve been to. My food philosophy is quite simple, “Why would you eat it if it’s not yummy?” I believe in a healthy lifestyle, which for me is less about calorie counting and more a balance of indulgence and deprivation of nothing. Feeding ones soul.

Thank you for visiting. I hope my recipes and foodie thoughts will inspire you in your kitchen, the photos will make you yearn for a bite and that each post will leave you wanting more.