Borough Market is Back!

June 22, 2017

It’s been a week since Borough Market opened after the terrorist attack and I went to spread some love as I can only imagine what the traders are going through. Often when bad news strikes as an outsider it is easy to move on to the next tragedy but for those directly affected it is not so easy. I have blogged about Borough Market before as it is probably one of my favourite places in London. When I first moved here I rented an apartment nearby with dreams that I’d visit regularly, although I never did I am convinced the spirit of the market made life in London better. 

After my visit last week I wanted to share some tips with you. 


I believe in grazing while shopping at Borough Market. Personally I am not sure how anyone could resist tasting the offerings while wandering around. And wander you must, so that you can prioritise what needs to be eaten first. 

  1. Shellseekers Fish & Game (Appetiser)

Grab yourself some oysters with all the garnishes for only ยฃ1.50 each


2. La Tua Pasta (Main)

Pasta on the go, not life changing but does the job. 

Wild Boar Pasta

3. Bread Ahead (Dessert)

I’m not even a doughnut fan but these deserve some props. 

Blackberry Doughnut


Whenever I go to Borough Market I expect to leave with great bread, cheese, foie gras (don’t judge me) and saucisson or else it isn’t a trip well spent. Here’s some of my fav spots. 

  1. 1. Olivier’s Bakery

Get your bread here and you will not be disappointed. If you over order, as I always do, don’t worry because stale bread makes for some very lovely bread pudding. 

2.  Le Marchรฉ du Quartier

All beautiful french produce is available here. It is the place I bought my first duck breast to experiment with at home and I love buying a little foie gras to go with freshly baked bread. They always have duck confit sandwiches dishing up at the front too.

3. Borough Cheese Company

I had my first taste of Tome cheese and it was delicious, softer in texture and full of flavour (if you like goat cheese you will like this one). I bought my usual Comtรฉ too and was not disappointed. Service and cheese are both excellent!

4. The Parma Ham & Mozzarella Stand

One of the best buffalo mozzarella I have ever had in London is found here!

 Try Something New

1. The Cider House

Commercial ciders have nothing on the gems we found here. From earthy, to sweet and strong they have everything. Even if you didn’t think you liked cider it is worth having a try. 

2. The Exotic Meat Company (Gamston Wood Farm)

The hint is in the name. I love trying new things so I bought some Ostrich, which is incredibly tender and tasty. Cook it just like beef and enjoy something different. Next I think I’ll be buying some kangaroo.

I finished off the day with a picnic at Dulwich Park but whatever you choose to buy allow yourself to get lost in the moment. 

Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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