Five Foodie Flying Tips

April 25, 2014


Next week I will be flying back to England from Jamaica so I thought I’d share some food tips for the next time you are going on a plane. I’ve taken a few flights in my lifetime and these are the five things I have learned along the way that I am sure will be useful the next time you fly whether for business or pleasure or both.


1. Eat well before you travel.

No matter what you order during your flight it is highly unlikely that it will be delicious so enjoy your last meal so that you are not relying on plane food to keep you going.

departure eating 

2. Never order the following, even if you are travelling first class they won’t taste good, in fact they will be dreadful:

  1. Steak – Medium rare please? Forget getting the right temperature on your meat, instead you will be presented with leather on a plate.
  2. Pasta – It is always mushy, no airline has executed al dente and I don’t think it’ll be happening any time soon.
  3. Fish – The fish is always dry and nobody wants dry chalky fish.
  4. Eggs – They will always be overcooked just like the fish.

airplane food

3. Bring a sandwich or a wrap on the flight.

I am an advocate for bringing your own food with you on the plane because it is something to look forward to on a long haul flight where skipping meals may be more difficult and isn’t good for you. However do not be that passenger that has pungent smelling food on the plane, which disturbs everyone else’s nostrils because that is inconsiderate. Often a sandwich is easy to buy in the departure lounge, easy to eat because it is not messy and will not bother your neighbors making it a good choice.


4. Eat good quality dark chocolate.

A lady told me to eat a piece of dark chocolate before a flight because it lowers your blood pressure and improves blood flow. Any excuse to eat a bit of chocolate has to be worth paying attention to but this is even better because there are genuine health benefits.


5. No ice. 

During a public speaking course someone gave a speech about germs and I specifically remember her saying how dirty the ice was on planes. Since then I have never had a drink with ice on a flight and I would recommend that you stay hydrated with bottled water and enjoy the benefits of better digestion with room temperature water. 



Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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