I’m Back from Brixton

May 10, 2017

So I haven’t blogged in years and I’m not even sure where to begin. OK it’s been 6 months but in cyber space that must be equivalent to at leat 6 years. The irony is that it took me so long to start blogging because I didn’t want to start a project that I couldn’t commit to and years later I’ve become exactly the type of blogger I dreaded; the type who isn’t consistent nor dedicated and for that I am sorry. In my defense I also get quite caught up in the details, i.e. if something isn’t perfect I just don’t want to participate at all. Having said that I haven’t been trudging around with my DSLR camera and as a result I wasn’t sure if my pictures would do anyone justice, until my sister pointed out the other day that if my day job doesn’t work out I could have a shot a becoming a professional phone photographer. 

I read this quote the other day and posted it on my Instagram because it touched me on so many levels! In the spirit of efficiency I won’t go into all the details but let’s just say The Yummy Truth is back and I’m blogging from Brixton because I am going to stop delaying perfection since I really do miss sharing my food experiences with you, be it reviews, recipes or simply showing off my pictures. Forgive my rambling, I have no friends in London so you’re stuck with me for now 🙂 

Scotch Egg

I love Brixton. It reminds me of Brooklyn in some ways, in that I feel as though if I dropped down dead in the streets of Brixton someone might actually care, rather than the rest of London where people would be frustrated that I chose to die on the sidewalk in their path causing them to adjust the angle of their brisk walk in order to avoid tripping over my decaying corpse. I must confess I have only lived in Brixton for just over a year, but I’ve worked here for nearly two and my dad has had dealings in Brixton way before my time so I definitely “belong” before anyone starts trying to send me virtual side eye. I try to stay up to date with any new eateries or bars that open up in the area, in this way I get to disguise my greed and curiosity as very, very constructive research. 

Kaboola Kitchen – Brixton

After leaving the Post Office (which I hate visiting despite totally appreciating the new premises. Side note: that’s how you know your area is stepping up in life, when the local Post Office actually has bright ceiling lights and no more stained carpet floors) last week I noticed Kaboola Kitchen and for the sake of research aka greed, I stopped by for a coffee and light lunch. I think Kaboola caught my eye because the decor was bright with pomegranate paintings on the wall, and I am a sucker for anything turquoise and there was a large turquoise cupboard display that made me feel very homely. I love these types of cafés and I am definitely envious of owners who enjoy day trade filled with kind, chilled out customers some of whom are dog owners. 

The products didn’t disappoint, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting at the large front window, trying to absorb whatever sun London felt like sharing for a moment even though she clearly forgot to add some warmth, while munching on a beautifully presented Scotch Egg. I’m often in the need of a change of scenery and this spot in Brixton will definitely be added to my go to list of places that are comfortable, have nice energy and pleasant nibbles. 

Kaboola Kitchen, 244-248 Ferndale Road, Brixton SW9.

So until next time. 

Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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