Make Mother’s Day Special

May 10, 2012

Mother’s Day gifts can get a bit repetitive, the older you get the more creative you need to be. I’m sure you’ve done flowers, a nice meal or a spa day and you might have run out of ideas to personalise your thank you.

I was recently inspired by a photography class for a new gift idea. Before I share my genius suggestion with you, I’ll share my pictures from the exhibit. If you couldn’t have guessed, the theme was food and wine.







So what do photos about food have to do with Mother’s Day? Get your mother a photo book at, my photography teacher uses this site to publish his photos and you can use it to create a professional masterpiece to preserve your family memories. If photo books aren’t your thing, there are other options like notebooks, cookbooks all printed with bookstore quality. With a few clicks you can wow her with a unique surprise and not a generic present, whether this year or the next.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Live, Love, Eat

April x

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