Milk Teeth Tooting, Worth the Visit

October 8, 2017

Milk Teeth Tooting

Before I set up my own restaurant for Sunday brunch, there’s a place I’d like to share with you that does amazing breakfast/brunch every day called Milk Teeth. I’m always really excited when quality restaurants and bars open in South London because it always feels like the new exciting spots end up in East London somewhere but maybe I’m just jealous. Milk Teeth, the sister to Milk in Balham, opened its doors a couple months ago in Tooting and I am grateful.

Photo from @milkteethcoffee

In the spirit of not being on intermittent diets but having an ongoing healthy diet I am not eating breakfast as much. Instead of automatically eating in the morning out of routine, I have water and a fresh juice until I am actually hungry, which ends up being at about 12 or 1pm, but last Friday was different. I had gone to bed hungry and when I woke up I was ravenous, craving a good breakfast and a rare coffee (since I am also drinking a lot more herbal teas). I had an early appointment in Tooting and conveniently ended up at the customer-filled Milk Teeth shortly after. 

Milk Teeth Tooting

This was the second time I had visited Milk Teeth and the service and taste have been consistently satisfying. I find the sandy-toned interior, wicker chairs and large windows deeply nostalgic and comforting. I ordered the “Young Betty” and my partner in crime ordered “Arlington White Eggs”, from the ever-changing menu, along with a flat-white and cappuccino. 

Photo from @milkteethcoffee

Let’s start with the coffees as they arrived first. I can still remember the milk, aside from the fact that my body was probably excited by a touch of dairy, it was smooth, creamy and delicious. I know you are probably thinking that it can’t be that serious but trust me it is. It reminded me of a trip to Amsterdam where I noticed every coffee tasted better than coffee shops in London and I discovered it was because of the milk. I think a huge contributing factor to Milk Teeth’s great-tasting-worth-every-dairy-calorie coffee has something to do with their unhomogenised milk from Northiam Dairy in Sussex. 

Cappuccino at Milk Teeth Tooting

Recently I have been ordering poached eggs that when I cut into them nothing happened. This has got to be one of the most anticlimactic dining experiences one can have, I just don’t understand a poached eggs that doesn’t ooze seductively over a voluptuous white exterior. Thankfully Milk Teeth, yet again, did not disappoint! My Young Betty with smoked salmon and avocado was absolutely perfect. The thick-cut locally smoked Scottish river salmon made my heart sing. On the back of the menu there are details about all the produce sourced to create each beautiful dish and honestly you can taste the difference. 

Young Betty at Milk Teeth Tooting

I didn’t have room to indulge in any of the baked treats that were whispering to me when I got to the counter to pay but I can’t wait to return as Milk Teeth is surely worth the visit (as it says at the door).

Milk Teeth Tooting, Worth The Visit

Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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