Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

March 13, 2015

I have been blessed with many maternal figures in my life and I know that when the day comes for my mothering to be acknowledged by little ones I would be happy with a foodie treat (bought by dad) accompanied by some artistic scribbles creating a Mother’s Day card. Whether you are in the UK celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday March 15th or the 10th of May in Jamaica and the United States of America or perhaps you are waiting until the end of the year and celebrating on December 22nd like the Indonesians. I was surprised to learn that countries all over the world celebrate Mother’s Day on various days throughout the year. 

Here’s my top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas:

1. Pink KitchenAid Mixer KitchenAid Stand Mixer

When I bought mine I had to pay extra for the bright pink colour but I rationalised this decision by telling myself the great thing about KitchenAid mixers is that the attachments will always fit no matter how many times the mixers evolve and therefore I could pass it on for generations to come. Also kitchen appliances like this are as much kitchen accessories as they are useful appliances and it’s important to choose ones that reflect your personality. I have never regretted my decision and I guarantee that your mother will love this gift!

Available at: House of Fraser who are actually giving away a FREE glass bowl with every Artisan 4.8L Stand Mixer until 12th of April.

Price: Was £429.00 but NOW £386.10

2. Chopping Board SetChopping Board Set

I have mentioned before that you shouldn’t chop your vegetables and meats on the same board as we must be careful with bacteria, especially from raw meat that could then transfer to vegetables, which we eat raw. I saw these boards at a friends house and had to share as I think they are such a great idea. No more contamination and having to remember which board to use for each ingredient because this chopping board set by Joseph and Joseph keeps things simple with an easy to use index. 

Available at: Joseph and Joseph

Price: £48.00


I couldn’t do a top five gift list without including gourmet condiments made by yours truly. All my condiments are inspired by Jamaica’s Scotch Bonnet pepper and they make for a great gift with the Jamaican Pepper Jelly, Scotch Bonnet Mustard and Gourmet Pepper Sauce. 

Available at: JAMROCK

Price: £10.00

4. Global Chef KnifeGlobal Chef Knife

I remember when I received my first Global Knife as a Christmas gift and I felt like I was becoming a real cook. The grip feels great and you can only appreciate how important a great knife is when you start using one. No more struggles and you can start to purchase the entire set. Don’t get on your mum’s bad side after giving her one of these beauties 😉

Available at: Selfridges

Price: £99.00

5. Personalised ApronPersonalised Apron

My sister bought me a personalised apron for my birthday and it was so thoughtful as I do spend tons of time in the kitchen but to be honest I don’t actually wear it very often because I love it so much I don’t want it to get dirty so instead it has become a piece of decoration in the kitchen. Obviously this isn’t a gift idea for the last-minute-gift-buyer like me. Nonetheless I love mine and I am sure your mother will love hers. 

Available at: Not On The High Street

Price: starting at £18.00

Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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