March 13, 2012

The third day began with brunch at The Betsy Hotel. I couldn’t choose between the French Toast, Steak or BLT Popover. With help from my friend’s suggestion and the waiter I went with the BLT Popover to go with my white peach bellini. Now the bellini was no Cipriani’s Bellini but it was good. However the BLT Popover was amazing. The portion was huge and took me forever to finish, the tomato topped with basil on the side was fragrant and refreshing next to the perfectly poached egg and creamy Béchamel.

BLT Popover

If that was not gluttonous, the three of us shared dessert – the crêpe soufflé with passion fruit sauce. I am a sucker for passion fruit but combing a crêpe and soufflé seems ingenious. It was sweet, tart and fluffy in each bite.

Crêpe Soufflé

I probably shouldn’t have had such a big brunch before going to the SOBE WFF’s Grand Tasting but when you only have a weekend, what’s a girl to do? I had intended to see some of the demos but there were people seated for rows upon rows and then people standing around them that is was clear I wasn’t going to get to see much. We walked to each booth and saw people I knew from home before making our way inside the tasting village, which was filled with every wine and liqueur you could imagine.

I ate seafood, paella, and ribs until my belly was about to burst. The Cruzan Rum booth was definitely where the party was at, with the reggae music and calypso causing people to dance, drink rum and be merry. The five hours we were there flew by and I didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day.

All in all, initially I was disappointed with SOBE Fest but the weekend ended on a high and I was happy I went. I will have a short break from my Food Festival Tour until April.

Until next week…

Live, Love, Eat!

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