Sunshine in London!

June 15, 2017

Lunch at CROL & CO, Bermondsey

Real sunshine seems to have finally arrived in London and it makes me all kinds of excited. I have been working on focusing only on positive things so I will ignore the fact that yesterday is probably 1 of 10 days of Summer that we will get for the entire year, or the fact that I live in a city where you can never really pack your winter boots away; instead I will concentrate on being grateful that we are getting any sunshine at all. I wasn’t built for grey skies it affects my mood, my energy and just my general state of mind feels more likely to lean towards a negative persuasion, whilst the glaring sunlight does the exact opposite.

Forget lunch break, it’s all about a sun break!

Waking up to clear skies and the sun’s rays at 4:30 in the morning is invigorating (side note: if the sun could stay down a little longer I wouldn’t complain), it puts me in win mode even if I’ve only had a few hours sleep. Also people are so much nicer when it’s warm and sunny. A friend once said “I’m glad London isn’t warm and sunny all year round because then everyone would want to live here.” Whilst there are quite a few reasons why I disagree with his comment, I do agree that London can be a very special place with a touch of good weather. 

Avocado on Toast at Crol & Co, Bermondsey

With good weather everyone seems to look for a beer garden, roof terrace or some kind of outdoor space to make the most of the heat before it dissipates and we return to cold weather and antisocial behaviour (of course not the ASBO kind of antisocial behaviour as we would have to count the increased aggression that leads to odd street fighting when the sun comes out). To be honest the sun gives me an excuse to discover new spots by simply wandering around without fear that my blood might freeze and stop circulating or my shoulders could get stuck in my neck whilst walking around with ice cold toes. In fact sunshine thaws out everything, people and the environment are less frosty and magical things happen like Londoners smiling to each other even though we’re strangers.

Crol & Co, Bermondsey

However you spend the other 9 days of Summer this year in London make sure you take advantage of the outdoor spots, or the spots with great windows for light and people watching. Regardless of how busy you are take the time to appreciate and enjoy your environment. I made the time to stop by Crol & Co in Bermondsey, a cafe I have passed a few times and been meaning to check it out. The good old sun encouraged me to pause from a busy day to enjoy a golden moment with some basic crowd pleasers also known as coffee, avocado on toast and sandwiches. Apparently you can’t enjoy a glass of wine on Mondays & Tuesdays due to licensing but hey you can’t have it all. 

Let me know what spots you like to visit when the sun is out in London. 

Coffee at Crol & Co, Bermondsey

Crol & Co, Bermondsey

Live, Love, Eat!

April x

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