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Marrakech, Morocco: 3-day itinerary

If you have ever wondered what it is like in Morocco here is a snippet, a list of things to do, where to eat and some thing I wish I had known before I visited this major city in North Africa. Read More

Miami Itinerary: 24-hr foodie adventure

Looking for a guide to help you decide what to eat in Miami? Look no further, here is a comprehensive list of where and what to eat

Savour Jamaica Supper Club Review: The Rising Sun

Find out how the inaugural dinner for the Savour Jamaica Supper Club was received by guests with this photo story so you know why you need to be at the next dinner “Due South”

Little Pieces of Joy Cupcakes

Learn about how a home baker turned a hobby into a business by spreading little pieces of joy and see what tips she has for you when baking at home

How Pierre Hermé Changed My Life…

Food has the power to change your life even if just for a moment and Pierre Hermé’s signature cake expanded my mind and gave me a new appreciation for sweet treats. Take a look at the stunning photography whilst learning about Ispahan and more, by clicking here

Dear Richard Branson

Although this is not new, it was new to me and I had to share it as it is one of the funniest things I’ve read. A passenger writes a letter to Richard Branson complaining about the meal he received on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Mumbai to Heathrow. Take a look,

“Virgin: the world’s best passenger complaint letter?”

30 Top Chef Secrets

Some of these you may already know but I found some of these secrets really interesting. Did you know that when you choose to season your food with salt can affect its flavour? See these tips and more at Eat This, Not That Men’s Health 30 Top Chef Secrets.

Eating Socially

I am not sure why you enjoy going out to eat but whether it is to indulge in foods you could only dream about being cooked in your own kitchen or to enjoy a new experience, it is always better with great company. A huge element of my happiness at a restaurant is the person or people I am with. If you eat out and see several things on the menu that you would love to try but have to remind yourself that your eyes are bigger than your belly and struggle to choose what to order then you will appreciate this week’s post. Or if you are like me and believe that you shouldn’t ever be deprived of yumminess and therefore allow yourself to eat everything in moderation then you too will like this post.

How to Choose a ‘Yummy’ Japanese Restaurant…

Recently I have been enjoying some great Japanese food (at Roka, London and Nobu, New York). I usually have to be in the mood for Japanese but some friends have been bringing me to these places and they have surprisingly been great regardless of what I was craving. This got me thinking about what they had in common that could help choose other yummy Japanese restaurants…

Grilling – Great way to Mingle when You’re Single (or not)…

I’m still cleansing, so you can imagine how torturing it is writing these blogs. The good news is that the end is near and I am really looking forward to eating delicious meals again and sharing them with you. In preparation for this I have decided I want to buy a grill. I have never personally cooked on an outdoor grill but I love eating from people who have and I figured its about time I get my tongs, burn some charcoal and start smokin’ some meat…

Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day gifts can get a bit repetitive, the older you get the more creative you need to be. I’m sure you’ve done flowers, a nice meal or a spa day and you might have run out of ideas to personalise your thank you.I was recently inspired by a photography class for a new gift idea. Before I share my genius suggestion with you, I’ll share my pictures from the exhibit. If you couldn’t have guessed, the theme was food and wine

My Last Supper

If you could have one meal before you went on a strict regime of diet and exercise what would it be? I made this impromptu decision a few days ago and I wanted my “Last Supper” to be something creamy and cheesy, something that I could remember over the next two months and it would motivate me to exercise more and eat those greens! I decided that I would have something, anything in fact, with macaroni & cheese

Little Island With Big Flavour

Whilst we all know Jamaica is the “Capital of the West Indies”, I recently went to St. Croix for the St. Croix Food & Wine Experience and I was pleasantly surprised. Not because I doubted they had good food on the island but from my Food Festival Tour, I have had more lows than highs

VEGAS: A Woman’s City

One could easily argue that women have it harder than men, in general. I won’t go into the details of the monthly visits, trials and tribulations of packing clothes with complementary accessories and shoes when travelling, or that its harder for us to lose weight. I will say that ladies, I went to Vegas in honour of my month-long birthday celebration and discovered that finally there is a place where it seems to always be better to be from Venus and not Mars

A London ‘Quicky’

I have a weird relationship with London. In recent times it’s getting better but I find that our relationship is always best if we aren’t together for too long, so I try to only see London on the odd weekend. A couple weeks ago London and I connected for the weekend and it was more than pleasant


The third day began with brunch at The Betsy Hotel. I couldn’t choose between the French Toast, Steak or BLT Popover. With help from my friend’s suggestion and the waiter I went with the BLT Popover to go with my white peach bellini. Now the bellini was no Cipriani’s Bellini but it was good. However the BLT Popover was amazing. The portion was huge and took me forever to finish, the tomato topped with basil on the side was fragrant and refreshing next to the perfectly poached egg and creamy Béchamel

South Beach Wine & Food Festival (aka SOBE WFF) Part One

Arriving in Miami on the first flight out of New York on Friday morning was heavenly. We found somewhere to eat on Ocean Drive and even though there was a mouthful of cling film in my food as I chewed the first bite of my seafood linguine, the cool sea breeze coupled with the liberating warmth was a great start to the weekend

My Food Festival World Tour Continues….

Towards the end of last year I decided to go to some of the food and wine festivals and see what they’re all about. Since my heart seems to be located closer to my stomach than the average person, this seemed like a genius idea. I would travel in pursuit of life-changing meals and inspiring wine pairings that would leave me with memories worthy enough to be passed down to my grandchildren


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